White Gloss Doors. Spot the difference.

Article By Steven Tyler

We often have customers come into our showroom and ask for a comparative quote for a slab white gloss kitchen which they have had from one of the DIY stores down the hill or other local kitchens companies. We had a nice couple visit our showroom the other week asking the very same question. Sounds simple enough I here you say, I then asked "What type of slab white gloss door have you been quoted?" and got a quizzed look in return. I pulled a white gloss slab door out of the rack, leant it up against the wall and asked if this is what they had been quoted for? They were delighted that we had what they thought was an identical door to what they had seen; A white high gloss slab door . . .

I then pulled out another gloss white slab door from the rack and stood them side by side. "Which one do you prefer?" I asked. "Oh" they said, "the second one has a much smoother, glossier finish than the first" they replied, "we prefer that one."

I then went on to pull out another white slab gloss door and placed it between the first two. "Oh dear" they said, "the one we just chose looks greyer than the third door". After deliberations, they preferred that one now.

We then talked a bit about appliances and worktop options and it soon became clear to me that this couple were really in the market for a higher end designer modern kitchen. The brief was for top end Neff slide and hide ovens, induction hob and Silestone quartz work surfaces.

I then went on to ask if they were looking for a cheaper door or would they prefer a high end quality door? What’s the difference they asked? Gloss kitchens can vary enormously in terms of quality and how long they"ll last. The three doors we have just looked at are considered budget doors I explained. The first door we looked was a vinyl wrapped gloss door and i then tilted the door under the light for them to take a closer look. I highlighted the faint lines running up and down the door where the gloss vinyl was pressed onto the MDF base and also pointed out the orange peel effect on the edge of the doors. We then closely examined a second door which had a liqueur paint finish. Although it had a much smoother, mirror like paint finish which they much preferred, I pointed out that the edge of the door was quiet sharp and had a visible edge round it.

I took out another door from the rack, a better quality door which offered several coats of paint and was completely lacquered across the door and around the edges. The last and probably the nicest door I showed them, although slightly more expensive was in fact 22mm thick and not 18mm thick as were all the others.

I guess you are getting the picture now . . . We had looked at no less than eight white gloss slab doors which included a vinyl covered gloss door, various gloss lacquer paint finished doors and couple of acrylic gloss doors. So going back to the original question “What type of white gloss door have you been quoted on” the nice couple didn’t really know any more. So the moral of this storey is, Not all white gloss slab doors are the same . Furthermore, not all customers are the same and not all customer requirements are the same.

So if you're looking to buy a white gloss kitchen or any other colour for that matter it might be worth checking out the 3D Kitchens showroom in Halesowen. We source our doors from 7 different door manufacturers and we are proud to offer unbiased advice, so you get exactly the right product for your kitchen project. In total we have over 700 door styles and colour options for you to choose from and our well informed, highly trained staff really do know what's what.

A sample door size (715 x 597mm) White Gloss Slab door varies in price from £29.13 to £54.60 + VAT each. Generally, higher priced door ranges not only offer a better quality finish they also offer much more in the way of accessories, so you can create the kitchen that's right for you.

In addition to the door colour choice, you might like to choose a unique cabinet colour to enhance your kitchen. For example an Egger Titanium (F501) metallic colour carcase with 2mm white gloss PVC edging on the front of the cupboard will make your kitchen units extra special on the inside, as well as the outside; or you just might want a plain white cabinet, the choice is yours . . . we offer over 104 cabinet decors for you to choose from.

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