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Based in Halesowen in the West Midlands, our brand new showroom is full of beautiful displays sure to get the imagination flowing. With so many displays to inspire you, your perfect kitchen may be just around the corner.

1909 Slab

A new take on the classic in-frame kitchen.

Unparalleled Brilliance

First impressions have a big impact and that's why this display is one the first you see when you enter our showroom. The 1909 Slab oozes quality and style. With classic In-frame styling and a smooth painted finish it's beautifully crafted with a huge emphasis on the minor details. Working in tandem with the stunning 1909 doors you see are the other high quality products such as the wonderfully seamless Krion acrylic worktop with coved upstands and moulded under-mount sink with the highest quality Neff built-in appliances.

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Milton In-Frame

Classic, elegant shaker style.

Beautiful. Timeless.

Set in a solid timber frame, Milton´s simple Shaker-inspired door has a classical in-frame design which lends streamlined sophistication to any contemporary or period kitchen. Choose from our palette of 32 colours for a completely customised look.

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Otto Gloss

The epitomé of a gloss slab kitchen.

Ultra Chic.

If your idea of heaven is coming home to a nice warm cup of coffee, then this is the kitchen for you. The contrasting colours of Cashmere and Brown Grey Avola stir beautifully to create a kitchen that's not only stunning to look at, but feels luxurious.

Deep wood grain looks entice you with the feeling of the forest, whilst smooth gloss finishes introduce you to the kind of luxury you'd come to expect from the best quality materials. To add to that quality feel there's the addition of ingenious Neolith Iron Frost ceramic worktops, to add that feeling of it being truly one of a kind..

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Otto Matt

A matt slab loook that the height of fashion.

Cool. Sharp.

The Otto Matt Kitchen display is a perfect example of what can be achieved when you combine a creative mind with the quality products. This kitchen works around you seamlessly, everything is exactly where you would expect it to be which means that it's not only easy to work with but simple to organise.

Due to the practical nature of this kitchen it may be easy to overlook the impeccable styling on show here. The curved features of this kitchen do not only give it such stunning visual impact, but give you numerous options in terms of storage space. Another important factor of this display is the colour scheme, a cool mix of Blues and White makes this kitchen feel as though it's been pulled in straight from the Norwegian fjords.

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1909 Shaker

A truly inspirational shaker kitchen.

Magnificent. Elegant.

Elegance is created by combining beautiful materials with classy design and that's exactly what the 1909 shaker achieves. The subtle shades of Flint Grey and Almond create warmth in abundance and make this kitchen suitable for any season never going out of style. The stunning Compac Perlino quartz worktop is crafted beautifully to sit atop stunning curves really enforcing its impression of class and elegance. It's also important to note that this kitchen isn't without the functionality you would come to expect from a top of the range kitchen, it's a plethora of intuitive ideas and only the best appliances available.

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A great value handleless kitchen.

Sleek. Stylish.

Minimal yet effective. The Isala display is the epitome of sleek yet stylish, flat handle less doors create a uniformed profile along the cabinet runs, while the addition of the beautifully sculpted Elica Stone extractor hoods adds shape that gives the kitchen an extra dimension. The real surprise of this display however is the stunning textures you can not only see but feel on every element. The doors and worktops decorate themselves in subtle ridges with a likeness only to those found on the highest quality lumber.

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A high end a twist on traditional the shaker.

Feels like home.

The warm embrace of the Kew painted display is the best medicine in the cold winter months. An elegant, contemporary painted kitchen with a focus on imaginative detailing the Kew Painted gives a kitchen which is in abundance of timeless style. Lime Oak worktops are a great option as they help intensify warming tones whilst maintaining that clean and bright effect that makes timber worktops so attractive to many.

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The handleless kitchen turned up to 11.

Scandinavian Chic.

The Malmö achieves a modern, high gloss and luxurious look whilst not breaking the budget. The careful detailing and massive range of accessories helps ensure that there is a solution for every design possibility, resulting in the kind of sleek and seamless finish you come to expect with a handle-less kitchen. In this display you can really see the dramatic effect of merging contrasting colours and styles into one display. The warming tones of the high gloss Porcelain, thread themselves beautifully within subtle patterns and grains of fumed oak.

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A timeless shaker style.

Classic. Cultured.

The Hartside is the go-to if you're looking for a kitchen that combines classic styling with brilliant and innovative new technologies. Few kitchens have the ability to sit and blend in well within any type of household, the Hartside is one of those few.

With its beautifully traditional shaker styling and contemporary smooth painted finish, the Hartside is essence of quality. Aside from style there's also an abundance of the kind of modern technologies you'd expect to see in any top of the range kitchen. Clever space saving appliances such as integrated dishwashers and the spectacular Down-Draft extractor which rises from the work surfaces at the touch of a button mean that space is always there without losing functionality.

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Limestone Ultragloss

Gloss with a real WOW factor.

Bright & Zesty.

There's high gloss and then there's Ultragloss, our limestone display is all about being tough rugged and hard wearing whilst providing that 'Wow' effect you expect a kitchen to have. Everything about this kitchen is bold and brash, with a combination of strong colours such as Browns, Blacks and that stunning Orange, it's very hard to forget the statement this kitchen makes. It's important to remember however that even though this display makes such a strong first impression, the attention really is in the detail. The ingenious Neff Slide & Hide oven and 90cm gas hob on black glass is a big highlight in this kitchen and it's hard to forget the beautifully crafted leather handles.

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Contemporary urban chic.

Colorful. Contemporary.

The Torberry display is a perfect mix of creative charm and modern styling. The Steel Blue doors feature a recessed panel which creates a frame like impression, it's this soft-framing gives the door a sense of depth, highlighting the silky matt finish. The rugged looking yet practical Boston Concrete laminate worktop is then added to the mix, bringing a touch of urban styling.

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The paragon of handleless kitchens.

True Fluidity.

If you’re looking for the crème de la crème when it comes to handle-less gloss kitchen's then the Tomba is what you have been searching for. The stylish aluminium handle rails are what really set this display ahead of the rest, your fingers glide effortlessly over and between doors enhancing the seamless experience you get when greeted with this kitchen.

The most striking aspect of this kitchen is the emphasis on curves, and unlike some other curved doors you really get a sense that this kitchen is truly of premium quality. And when you consider that there are 20 different colours available, is there a better choice?

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Pushing the boundaries of contemporary design.

Mad Genius.

When you're willing to push the boundaries of design and really begin to express yourself, you gain the ability to create something oddly beautiful, the biography kitchen is one of those things. This kitchen is a mix match of different styles, colours and materials that are brought together to create something special.

This isn't a bog standard kitchen design with a particular style that we expect you to buy, it's here to inspire you into leaving your comfort zone and creating something that's personal to you. Some may call it mad others may call it genius, but what it will be is a part of your personality imprinted into your home.

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Stunning country kitchen style.

Comfort Presence.

Picturesque and tailored to the cooks needs the Langton is the staple of a classic country kitchen. When you step into this kitchen you feel like you're being dragged back to a time when things were simpler and the only thing you wanted to do is cook. This really is a cook’s kitchen, there's storage space in almost every cabinet and unit meaning you can keep as many utensils’ as you want without creating clutter. The big feature of this kitchen is the Falcon range cooker which although classically styled, is capable of out cooking even the biggest names in the business.

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A contemporary take on wood grain.

Showstopping Fusion.

The Izari is as timeless in its style as some of the very best classics. This is simply due to a clever fusion of fantastic design ideas and a quality product. The dark contrasting wooden tones of this kitchen generate warm tones in the winter, whilst making it a cool place to chill in the hot summer months.

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